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There are many benefits to a visit to the Rochester Bible Church. Here you can learn about Jesus and be filled with love for all people. A visit to the Rochester Bible Church is always a wonderful experience. When you visit the church you will be filled with life that you've never experienced before.
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Rochester Bible Church

When I decided to attend a Rochester Bible Church, I was afraid that it would be very impersonal. I was afraid of the “programs” that were offered. The Rochester Bible Church is a place where you can find a community that is different from the community that you live in. Their life is so loving and amazing that you’ll never want to leave their church. I had never been a part of such a loving community, and I truly enjoyed being a part of it. 

My children were always taken care of during their first time bible studies. During our third trip to the church, we were encouraged to work with the elder, and do some volunteer work for the church. We were taught that, “just working in the ministry is good enough, and that we need to be more involved.” We learned that attending the Rochester Bible Church will have an impact on the entire world. I can not tell you how grateful I am to have attended the Rochester Bible Church. My children and I will never forget what it taught us. God Bless You!

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House Church Group

My husband and I were assigned to a house church group that was taught by an ordained minister. I’m an award-winning minister and an award winning Reformed minister.


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Open our eyes to the teaching of Christ

These amazing people had not only shown us so much love, but had opened our eyes to the teachings of Christ and his ways. We learned that God is indeed the Source of His word. God’s word can open any man’s heart to Christ. I’m sure that if I hadn’t attended the Rochester Bible Church, I would never have become a Christian. The love and joy that they showed us at the church were simply amazing. It was sometimes difficult to look back on that time in my life. It had such a profound effect on me, and my children. At the Rochester Bible Church, we began a new chapter in our lives. In addition to sharing the gospel, they also taught us how to love our neighbor as ourselves.

We began to notice changes in our own life. My children began to read more and pray more. We began to learn how to forgive others and themselves. They were able to live life with greater happiness and peace than ever before.